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What Not to Wear (& Why You Shouldn’t)

March 31, 2010

Have you ever seen What Not to Wear on TLC? If not, you are missing out in a big way. I’ll shamefully admit I have watched a show or 2 that is so dumb and pointless (The Bachelor), I feel guilty after the hour spent watching it (why do I care if Jake picks Tenley or Vienna?). With What Not to Wear, this is so not the case.

Quick-witted Stacy London and equally clever Clinton Kelly have amazing chemistry as co-hosts. Their playful banter illicits genuine laughter from me and very few shows are capable of this. They are so perfectly genius in every episode you’d think each word was carefully scripted, but it’s pretty obvious it can’t happen that way.

The transformations are personalized for each fashion victim’s specific issues. Stacy and Clinton work with fat, tall, skinny and short body types and suggest clothes that work best with each. Nick Arrojo and Ted Gibson handle all hair types. They are realisitic about the new haircuts they give. If a mother of 5 is adamant about the fact she doesn’t have a ton of time to spend on her hair, they aren’t going to give her a look that requires an hour of flat ironing every morning. Carmindy demonstrates simple “5 Minute Face” makeup routines for the previously mentioned mom, and eclectic rock-star looks for those who enjoy spending 30 minutes doing their makeup but just aren’t doing it correctly.

I love the whole idea behind this show. Looks matter. To all those who go on this show and try to say otherwise, you’re wrong. Stacy and Clinton are great about strategically (not very delicately) breaking the individual down, in order to rebuild them. Hey, sometimes you need to hit rock-bottom in order to see that you need to change right?

When I say “looks matter”, I don’t necessarily mean the look that Cosmo tells us we must try this season. What I mean is, wear clothes that fit your body, your individual style, and the situation you’re in. Be open to the possibility that the way you’re presently doing it might not be the best and most flattering way to do it. Spend a few extra minutes doing something chic with your hair, it’s probably got more potential than you think.

Check out some before & after pictures from What Not to Wear:

Moral of the story: The way you present yourself effects the opportunities presented to you. Take pride in yourself.

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