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Do Gingers Have Souls? Who Cares, Their Hair is Red Hot

April 2, 2010

Personally, I’m a big fan of red hair. Bold reds have really been catching my eye lately.

I Really like this picture of Christina Hendricks. Not necessarily because of the way her hair is styled, but because of this color combination. If a brunette or a blonde wore this very same jade green, it just wouldn’t have the same effect. Red heads have the advantage of using their hair as a colorful accessory.

I can’t stop watching this music video. This girl’s got cool factor. She has a similar version of the cut I see popping up (not only here at E Hair Studio, but everywhere), and I’m going to guess she’s a natural red head.

I’m not a huge American Idol fanatic, however red headed Lacey Brown is the reason I watched a few episodes this season. Her hair completely caught my attention. With her bold copper red color and super cool cut, she stands out. When all is said and done with this season of American Idol, I’ll forever remember the dude who did an acoustic version of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”, and the chick with the rockin’ hair.

As is true with any hair color, you can dictate whether it’s a positive or a negative. For instance, this guy is telling me with his mannerisms that he is the coolest guy around, we should want to be in his world. I believe him, and I want to be his friend.

While this guy is telling me his red hair is a burden. I’d like to give him a good hair cut and show him how chick-worthy he can be. Be warned: this ginger’s got a dirty mouth!

It all comes down to this: Whatever your look or style is, OWN IT!


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