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The Bachelor {Episodes 5, 6, & 7}

February 20, 2012

Channeling my inner Chris Harrison, I’d like to let you ladies know that no roses will be handed out right now. I want to take this time to re-asses the girls left on the show, since we’re about to head into the very serious hometown dates. 

Lindzi: She’s too cute to wear so much makeup, and I’d love to see her hair darker and styled with a side part. She brings cheerful energy to the date, and stays out of the drama.

Kacie B: I love that she wore her hair curly in Belize. If you’ve got texture in your hair, and your vacationing in a humid place, ya just gotta rock that natural texture. Kacie seems so sweet, I just wish she was able to take advantage of the fun surroundings instead of getting so emotional about Ben!

Nicki: I think she may get the boot tonight.

Courtney: Courtney sure knows how to win this thing. She’s not wasting time making friends or waiting for Ben to come to her, she’s demanding attention. And let’s get serious here, if she weren’t on this season would we still be this into it?!

I also have to point out some memorable scenes of departed women…

Jamie trying to show Ben how sexy she can be: First of all there’s no doubt in my mind Jamie can be sexy, but in that awkward moment of splitting her dress and directing their kiss…I have never felt so uncomfortable. Pretty sure I was blushing.

Blakeley kicking butt on the Baseball field: I did not see this coming at all…girly girl cocktail waitress diving for the ball/hitting it out of the park/hustling her butt off. She showed another side to herself on this episode, a side I had a girl crush on.

Can’t wait for tonight!

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