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Brooklyn, Pink & Hilary’s Hair Changes

March 24, 2011

Purple…err I mean Pink (step away from the Shimmer Lights Toning Shampoo!) took some length off of her disconnected pixie. Here’s the result:

I loved her hair with more length on top! I’m not a huge fan of the straight forward style. Apparently neither is she; on March 12th, Pink Tweeted “The woman that did my hair butchered it. I hate it.” Hang in there girl – it will grow back!

Blond bombshell Brooklyn Decker recently lost some length also…quite a bit of it!

I’m neutral about this makeover. She looked a little more young and sexy with the long hair, but she looks so cute and sophisticated with the shorter hair. But then again, her outfit on the right is more casual, and she’s not wearing makeup – she could probably look equally sexy with the textured bob!

Here’s a makeover that I love!

She looks great with those long bangs! But let’s get real – when does she not have a great hair day (remember the topknot)?

What do you guys think of these hair changes? Do Pink or Brooklyn make you want to go shorter? Does Hilary’s hair make you more DTB (Down To Bang)?

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