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Grammy Awards 2011

February 14, 2011

The best performance of the night goes to…Bruno Mars, B.o.B., and Janelle Monae. They (mostly Bruno) rocked my world. Here’s the video in case you missed it:

Bruno Mars/B.o.B./Janelle Monae Grammy 2011 Performance

He looked good on those drums! Bruno and Janelle both rocked some cool hair also.

Did you notice how many of the ladies were wearing center parts last night? I have to say, center parts are really starting to grow on me.

I prefer a middle part with textured/wavy hair – it can look a little more harsh and angular with stick straight hair. Who do you think wore this look best? I don’t say this often – Katy Perry’s hair looked gorgeous!

Another trend I noticed from last night’s Grammy’s was Grunge-Inspired hair. Matte, imperfect, rumpled curls.

With an entrance like this, I was assuming Lady Gaga’s hair was going to look “egg-cellent”…

…When she hatched, I was a little dissapointed…

…I suppose the shoulder and forehead thorns got most of the attention in the dressing room.

I’m going to leave you with another awesome video by my Valentine, Bruno Mars:

Bruno Mars “California Gurls” Cover


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