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Junk to Funk 2011

February 7, 2011

On Saturday February 5th, Boothster hosted Portland’s 5th Anniversary Junk to Funk “Trashion Collective”. Local Portland designers created innovative garments for the recycled fashion show contest using sustainable and recycled materials. According to “Chief Instigator” Lindsey Newkirk, this concept is a good fit for Portland – mixing fashion, art, and a little bit of weird.

Check out the “trashion” on display:

RERUN RUNWAY – By Taylor Cass Stevenson. Materials used: disposable airline pillows and blankets

SELF INFLICTED – By Bethany Moore. Materials used: salvaged copper, window pulls, rivets, rope, chain, wire.

BLIND REFORMER – By Jen LaMastra. Materials used: mini blinds, old corduroy shirt.

PHONE LAKE –  By Brady Lange. Materials used: yellow pages.

BIBLE FATIGUES – By Ruth Waddy. Materials used: Bible Pages, plastic film.

INNER DECO – By Ruth Waddy. Materials used: bike tire tubes, leather scraps, recycled beads, VHS tape.

I was so blown away by the creativity exhibited at the Junk to Funk 2011 show. There were so many awesome designs, I wish I could share more! Speaking of awesome, check out these girls who were rocking some seriously cool hair:

I’m already looking forward to next year’s show!

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