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The Bachelor – Episode 5

February 2, 2011

Where did Shawntel come from?! I hadn’t really noticed her until this episode. She seems funny, cool, and I loved her casual wavy hair on the shopping spree date. This coral-orange color looks awesome on brunettes!

I will say that her updo on the second part of their date was not my fave. If you want to have face-framing pieces hanging out, I recommend having thicker pieces than Shawntel did. If you only have a few thin strands, it tends to look “stringy”.

I was sad to see Marissa go. She’s another girl who has been in the background because she doesn’t bring much drama. I liked her confidence. She sure was blessed by the hair gods, have you noticed how luscious her hair is?

Emily is my favorite. By far! She’s so sweet, adorable, and seems like such a genuinely good girl – from what I’ve gathered watching five episodes of a TV show. I still can’t believe her dates have consisted of a plane ride, and a trip to a NASCAR race track…if you heard her story you get what I’m saying. She’s a good sport about it.

This week the rose goes to…Shawntel. I’m excited to see her in more episodes. She’s got a lot of options when it comes to hairstyles!

The thorn goes to…Michelle. There’s a difference between confident and conceited!

Can’t wait until next week, the girls get to go to Costa Rica! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of Beachy Curls

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