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The Bachelor – Episode 4

January 26, 2011

So. Much. Crying. Yes, it would suck to be taken on an amazingly special date, only to hear about your 13 roommates’ equally special dates with the same guy. But you’ve only known him for a few weeks, so quit crying! Another thing I ponder over, how the heck does one get a black eye in her sleep?!

So weird, let’s just get down to business.

This week the rose goes to…Chantal. I love that she pointed out that Michelle received the only date card that didn’t involve the word “love”. She’s quick to put Michelle in her place so Chantal gets major points for that.

And the thorn goes to…Britt. She’s so cute and sweet but her hair is just sooo looong. It’s so heavy it doesn’t hold curl, and it didn’t look any better when it was straight.

Britt should follow in fellow Bachelorette Vienna’s shoes and lose the length, look how much happier she is without the extensions!



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