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The Bachelor – Episode 3

January 19, 2011

Loved this week’s episode! Usually it takes me a little longer to “get attached”, but I’m really starting to “feel a connection” with some of the contestants. I like seeing the ladies mixing things up with their hairstyles! A few girls stood out from the pack at the rose ceremony this week:

Ashley S – In the beginning of the episode I was admiring how effortlessly pretty her straight hair was. Then at the rose ceremony she busted out some big loose waves and looked equally amazing! I think she’s just got great hair no matter how she styles it.

Emily – At the rose ceremony, she had her hair pulled back in a super sleek pontytail…I did not see this coming from “Barbie with Mother Teresa’s soul”. So sophisticated.

Stacey – She was the last one to get called up for a rose and I think I know why – her hair was sloppy! It looked very unfinished to me. Her hair was trying to be curly, but just didn’t quite get there.

Meghan – I can’t believe she’s still around…I’d love to see something more exciting happen with her hair!

The rose goes to…Ashley S. Her great hair made up for her awful singing voice!

And the thorn goes to…Stacey. Her hair/blue dress/dark eyeshadow at the rose ceremony was a little reminiscent of Jersey Shore.

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