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The Bachelor – Episode 2

January 13, 2011

In the words of Melissa, “It’s like, and soo the drama begins”…it sure didn’t take long for the girls to start fighting! It was so easy to look good on the first episode, but will they be able to keep it together during all the crying and catfights?


Man, she sure stirred things up with the girls when she hardcore made out with Brad on the group date. My only issue with her is her hair. It overwhelms her petite frame, and would be so much better on her if it were shorter and more proportionate to her size. I’m seeing her with a layered cut just past her shoulders, and thicker side bangs.


 I want to root for her since she’s a hair stylist, but after the 200th birthday comment and bad attitude, I’m just not so sure anymore.


She seems like a sweet girl. I’d love to see her hair shorter and more polished. She’d look so good with long sleek bangs styled over her hairline (as opposed to brushed back).


She wasn’t involved in any of the drama this week, which makes me like her more. This picture doesn’t do her hair justice, but in this recent episode it was styled beautifully. Emily could go in so many directions with her hair, she could go short, darker, add subtle lowlights to create dimension…the list goes on.


No doubt about it, Melissa should ditch the blonde and go darker. I’m thinking a warm medium brown (level 6). Her hazel eyes will pop with gold/red undertones in her hair. Did you see the one-on-one time with Brad when she cried, laughed about her embarrassing onion breath, then went back to crying? That was the most entertaining scene of the whole episode!

Ok, back to business. This week I give my rose to…Emily! She’s a class act, always smiling. A good attitude pairs well with good hair.

And the thorn goes to…Michelle (Brad gave Melissa the boot, otherwise she’d get the thorn). Michelle was so snooty this episode! Even gorgeous hair couldn’t save her from the thorn.

See you next week!

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  1. melissa permalink
    January 14, 2011 1:54 pm

    Who needs to watch this show when your recap is so much better (and efficient)!

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