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The Bachelor – Episode 1

January 5, 2011

Now that The Bachelor is back, I’m so looking forward to Monday night tv. I haven’t decided which show I should feel more guilty for watching…this or Jersey Shore. Either way, I love the dresses, the drama, and the ‘dos. Of all 30 girls on the premiere, these are the ones that stand out:

Ashley S

Brad gave her the “First Impression Rose”, aka the “First Victim Rose”. The rest of the girls will now have somewhere to direct their jealousy, and someone to gang up on.


Shoutout to my fellow hair stylist! And lovely hair I must say.


With a tragic story like hers, how can you dislike this girl? I hope she’s as sweet as she appeared to be in this first episode.


What better way to get noticed than the old “Over Head Leg Kick With Simultaneous Panty Flash” trick? And two seconds out of the limo at that!


Fangs. Uhh…?

Alright, so this week my rose goes to…Keltie! The fastest way to my heart is through Ombre Hair.

And the dreaded thorn goes to…Madison. This one-on-one time with Brad made me feel uncomfortable:

Aaaand so did this…

This concludes the rose ceremony. See you back here next week!

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