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Rainy Day Hairstyles

November 2, 2010

I don’t know about you guys, but this rain does nothing good for my hair. If I attempt to wear it straight and sleek, it ends up getting wavy and flipping out in a weird way. If I attempt to wear it curly, it ends up flat and frizzy. Ugh.

Sometimes your best bet is to just wear your hair up. You can shape it and spray it the way you want and know that it will just stay put. Here are some ideas for easy and chic up-styles.

The Topknot: I like a topknot that isn’t too tight, smooth, or symmetrical. It should look like you just threw it up on a whim, although you actually did put forth effort into make it look polished. Oh yeah, size is important. As a general rule, the circumference of the bun should not be larger than the circumference of your head!

These topknots are hot:

(Check out this fun topknot I did for April from Jade Bistro Teahouse & Patisserie for her Geisha Halloween costume!)

These topknots are not:

The Simple Bouffant: This up-style incorporates a little more volume in the area from the hairline to the crown. Know that you can modify the amount of volume depending on your taste. You can let the shorter strands around your face fall forward, or spray them back. Your hair can be left in a textured ponytail, or wrapped into a bun in the back of your head. Just know that it is possible to create too much volume. This will make it look costumey.

Here are some Simple Bouffants that look great:

The following bouffants are great for photo shoots or the runway, but not for the everyday, professional gal:

When you wear your hair up, it allows you to show off a great pair of earrings, exaggerated lashes, or a bold lip color. I’ll leave you with a few more up-style ideas that will be drab-day fab:


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