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Be a Flat Ironing Pro!

July 15, 2010

A flat iron is a very amazing and useful tool. Curly haired girls can have stick straight hair. It can de-poof the poofiest of hair. It can add shine and movement.

There are a few things you should know in order to be a flat ironing pro:

A good tool is half the battle. “Chi” is one of the common brands we hear about. Chi irons work well, but there are others that are equally great (if not better). I’m a fan of Centrix and Infrashine. Adjustable temperature is a huge plus. Whatever flat iron you have, the plates should be perfectly parallel. The flat iron should easily glide without pulling your hair.

Temperature should be adjusted to suit your hair type. If you’ve got thin or fine hair, you can probably get away with setting the temperature at 200 to 300 degrees (give or take a little). If you have very coarse and/or curly hair, you’ll need to set it to 400 to 500 degrees. Exposing your hair to that high a temperature sounds crazy, but unless your hair is overly-processed, it can take the heat.

Flat iron efficiently. This means take small sections so you can get it straight with the first swipe. This also means slowly glide the flat iron through each section so you don’t have to go over the same hair repeatedly. Watch this how-to vid to see what I mean.


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