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June 27, 2010

Headbands are making a comeback. Headbands come in especially handy around summertime when we are letting our hair dry naturally more often (hanging out at the beach, river etc.). They can accessorize our hair when we don’t feel like doing much else to it, and headbands are a great way to keep hair (bangs specifically) out of our face on a hot day.

Headbands can really add that little something extra to hair that may otherwise feel a little “blah”.

Here’s a trick for making a headband stay put in slick hair:

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  1. Andreaa permalink
    August 15, 2011 8:57 am

    Ok thats really helpful because im looking to get a sew-in with bangs and even though im getting bangs I dont always like them in my face ! So this really helped me because when I used to put headbands on with bangs my bangs would just flop around and around and eventually I would get fustrated and take my hair out . $200 dollars down the drain . -.-So I gave up on bangs and I just wasnt happy with ANY style . But now I can have bangs without the irratation of them on hot and sunny days . Thanks so much you just saved me money , time , and patients . Nobody could of helped like you . Thanks so much .


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