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These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New…

May 4, 2010

Upon visiting Roy Teeluck at his salon in the heart of NYC, I asked if there was a haircut or color that he was seeing a lot of. He explained that most people are just looking for a personalized cut that works with their own hair type and style. People are more interested in getting a style that they don’t have to fight with in the morning.

In the past, we could easily identify the “Haircut of the Year”, i.e. the year of the Posh A-Line. We have not yet identified 2010’s cut. However, there does seem to be a common denominator in styling. I encountered a lot of “destructed” looks that utilize a blend of textures.

I also talked with an executive in the beauty industry whose company is headquartered in New York. She pointed out that the research and development department at her company is seeing an emerging trend in hair oils this year. In addition to desiring a style that embraces their natural texture, people also are seeing the importance of bringing their hair back to life by keeping it healthy.

As far as makeup goes, minimal looks are in right now. Eyes are clean and bright, possibly accented with “cat-eye” eyeliner. All the attention is on the bold lip color. On some runways, this minimalist look is taken to the extreme by decolorizing the eyebrows in order to blend with the skin color, which makes anything you do on the eyes or lips really pop.

As far as fashion goes in NYC, anything goes. I saw such a variety of looks, however there were a few that caught my eye.

Leggings with blazers. In Portland, I often see leggings worn as tights, with a long top or dress covering them. In NYC, I saw leggings worn more as a stand-alone pant, with a waist-length top, a blazer, and heels or flats.

Fitted, waist defining trench coats. They were everywhere!

Whether your hair is long or short, dark or light, curly or straight, this is a year to play up your indivualized style. That was one aspect I really appreciated about NYC, there were so many uniquely stylish people. I like the variations we are seeing in hair and fashion. Instead of having a year identified by a certain haircut, I predict that this will be a year of confidence in our individuality.

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