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I Discovered the Cure…for Bad Hair Days!

April 13, 2010

Recently I had a bad hair week. I was overdue for a hair cut, and felt like I was losing the styling battle with my long hair every morning. It was frizzy, dry, sticky, and didn’t move at all. What happened to that bounce it used to have? I decided I was going to make an appointment to cut it all off. I craved that fresh-cut smoothness my hair has right after chopping some length off. That day, while washing my long hair (with a sample of shampoo & conditioner I had lying around), I felt a little bummed knowing I was about to cut it. I spent so long growing it, darn it! Long story short, after I dried my hair, something miraculous happened. My hair was shiny, bouncy, and best of all, it felt like it feels right after getting it cut. I don’t have to cut it all off afterall. Either my hair was touched by angels that fateful morning, or REDKEN All Soft is awesome:

When I wear my hair straight, KMS Moist Repair Leave-In Conditioner is vital. I spray this mist on the ends of my hair and it really bumps up the shine and defines my layers.

I used to be very anti-hairspray. I hated the smell of every kind I had encountered. I didn’t care if it could potentially be a very useful and necessary styling product, I didn’t want to smell like it. That all changed when I used S Factor Vivacious. This hairspray smells so dang good, it doubles as perfume.

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